Cinedans Amsterdam

Cinedans - Kidreels

A program for 3-11 yr olds co-curated by ReelDance Australia and Cinedans in Amsterdam. This truly international session features films from India, the Netherlands, UK and New Zealand and feature children dancing in diverse cultural settings. (Approx. 45min)


UK ,2006
Director: Katy Pendlebury
Performer: Elyas Addo
Time: 2 minutes

A boy dances through his local market.

Dansende Jongen / Dancing Boy

Netherlands, 2001
Director: Marjan Laaper

A boy spins across a field, across the screen and out of frame.

All in All All in All

Alt I Alt / All in All

Norway, 2004
Director: Torbjørn Skårild
Performer: Knut Reinertsen
Time: 5 minutes

A high board diver never hits the water.

How to Dance if you Can’t

Germany, 2005:
Director: Tamara Kapp
Choreographer: Tamara Kapp
Performer: Tamara Kapp
Time: 3 minutes

A dance of choreographed stills.


UK, 2006
Director: Katy Pendlebury
Performer: Laela Henley-Rowe
Time: 2 minutes

A girl dances through the urban spaces of London.



Director: Shelley Love
Time: 3 minutes

A sticky situation in a waiting room.

inearthia Inearthia


Director: Compagnie CoLateral Maren Sandmann
Choreographer: Compagnie CoLateral Maren Sandmann
Performer: Compagnie CoLateral Maren Sandmann
Time: 2 minutes

An attempt to spin the earth.

More Stories

UK, 2006 Director: Rajyashree Ramamurthi
Choreographer: Rajyashree Ramamurthi
Performer Harsha Chhetri
Time: 6 minutes

A journey through childhood memories of Kolkata, India.


Netherlands, 2007
Director: Sietske Tjallinga
Time: 1 minute

Dancing licorice.

Night practice.jpg Night practice.jpg

Night Practice

Director: Susanna Wallin
Time: 3 minutes

Coventry’s Kombat Breakers practice moves on a floodlit football field.

Tiago Sequenze

Director: Lizzie Sykes
Choreographers: Lizzie Sykes and Tiago Gambogi
Performer: Tiago Gambogi
Time: 2 minutes

A man and a spinning camera.


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