SHORTS 7 Urban Style

Sat 9 March | 21.30 – 22.30 | cinema 1
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direction Margaret Williams / choreography Kenrick Sandy
UK | 2011 | 17’

It’s rush hour on London Bridge and the crowds are on their way to work. We watch the world through the eyes of a man using krumping and free-running to deal with the challenges of life in the metropolis.


direction Yoram Savion / choreography Larry & Laurent Bourgois (Les Twins)
US | 2012 | 2’

Two B-boys would rather dance than play football. With music by B’Zwax Music.


direction Rain Kencana / choreography Amigo aka Kadir Memis
DE | 2011 | 3’

Two choreographers, one Turkish-German and the other from Papua New Guinea, explore the notion of ‘privacy’. The performance area at the centre of a large open space contrasts with the limited scope of the


direction Dominique Palombo / choreography John Degois
FR | 2012 | 3’

The dancer’s lyrical and humorous hip hop style brings his inner life right to the surface and takes us on a journey of feelings on the streets of industrial age Paris.


direction Stefan Verna / choreography Emily Honegger
CA | 2012 | 5’

A dream-like story of impermanence, told through dance and stop-motion painting. A woman discovers something magical in a discarded ink sketch: a miniature dance partner comes to life.


direction BLIK filmcommunicatie
NL | 2012 | 2’

This film was made as part of the activities run by Straat (Street), the Utrecht-based organisation for urban dance talent development, research and performance. This platform was set up by DOX, a theatre company that organises master classes, workshops and presentations for young dancers and dance makers.


direction Julien Bam, Gong Bao, Michael Hillii / choreography
Youngkwang Young aka Bboy Blond
DE | 2012 | 3’

Some dancers in the B-boy world focus purely on their style or power moves. But what happens if you push the physical limits of your own style or use your power moves to express your self, your individuality?


direction Jacob Sutton / choreography Lil Buck
UK | 2012 | 2’

Dancer Lil Buck moves with great fluidity, it can seem almost unreal. The film is taking this a step further. Clothes (Givenchy by Richardo Tisci and Conquistador) and styling (Tracey Nicholson) are rich, the set allows him to defy gravity.

ROOM 101

direction RubberLegs (Rauf Yasit) / choreography Rauf Yasit, Ma-Li
CH | 2010 | 1’

B-boying at its best! Room 101 represents B-boying as a contemporary mix of art and dance. B-boy Rubberlegz and B-boy Ma-Li with are both specialists in crazy tricks and style combos!


direction Ahmed “Louni” el Ainouni / choreography Nuri Cimen, Tawfic Amrani, Guillermo “KJER” Mariano
NL | 2012 | 4’

Art brings people together, and so can breakdance and tricks. Three young men have a single, driving ambition: to express themselves with sincerity and honesty.

ALTERED ROUTE (a skate Film)

direction Brett Novak / choreography Kilian Martin
US | 2012 | 4’

A skate choreography: a boy and his skateboard in a deserted tropical aqua park. Made in collaboration with mb! magazine published by Mercedes Benz.


direction Shueti / choreography Shailesh Bahoran
IN | 2012 | 2’

An Aghori (Sadhu) meditation devotee sits in a trance, flipping between reality and unconscious realms.

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