Festival 2018

14-18 MARCH 2018 at EYE

We’re proud to welcome you to the 15th edition of Cinedans – Dance on Screen Festival in EYE. During this five day international edition we show carefully selected dance film shorts that are competing for one of the awards. These will be shown alongside documentaries about internationally renowned dancers and choreographers like Krisztina de Châtel, Jan Fabre and Benjamin Millepied.

Cinedans does not just present the newest films, but highlights projects which are made with innovative production methods. Downhill by Andrea Boll, Peter Kadar and Chris Fawcett has been recorded with smartphones  – not just for financial reasons. Mobile phones seem to be the perfect device to record a dance film in the Swiss Alps at 2.500 meter height.

Every innovative project starts with a concept: an original idea with an urgency for expression. Filmmaker Noud Heerkens dove into a lengthy research project exploring the cinematographic experience of dance. As lecturer at Avans Hogeschool, Heerkens was supported by several partners and funds, amongst which was Cinedans. It is time to present his findings. In collaboration with choreographer Loïc Perela, the installation An Invitation to DANCE is the result of three years of diligent work. Cinedans is proud to premiere this innovative dance arena.

More new insights can be gained during three days of the Virtual Reality LAB that Cinedans will organise in collaboration with Beamlab and Dansmakers during the Open Space LAB, where the possibilities of Mobile Choreography can be experienced.

Below you can read more about the exciting projects and films we are presenting this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Cinedans 2018!

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