Cinedans FEST'21 | Cherry-Pickers

Maartje Nevejan | documentary film maker | Through Jann

I was asked to watch Short docs, that will be shown on march 28th. As an independent documentary filmmaker, I was interested to see how these shorts would “challenge the genre” as is written above the programme. What I liked in all of them was the connection of individual movement with everyday and even political life. The films aim not so much about beauty, but more about how dance can heal you, ground you, deepen your story, see you, or make you laugh while falling. Since the wonderful “Thank you Lord” of Elle Sofie Sara was not in my ``block``, I choose “A travers Jann” a film by Claire Juge. I could sense the intimate co-operation between filmmaker and dancer in every shot and animation of this film. It is an inquiry how to make sense of this life, in this body. Both Jann and Claire find ways to communicate why your body sometimes gets stuck in space. Through imagination and courage the two art forms blend beautifully together in a moving story that goes all the way back to the womb and beyond.

Luc Deleau | Founder Summer Dance Forever | Never Twenty One

``Beklemmend en betoverend, dat is wat bij mij blijft hangen bij het zien van Kanoute’s film Never21, waarin hij een stem geeft aan hen die de 21 jaar nooit haalden. Met een lichaam als een doorgeladen wapen vuurt hij niet alleen zijn kritiek af op het ongebreidelde gebruik van wapens, maar geeft hij tevens een stem aan het verdriet van de nabestaanden en zij die als geschiedenis en geesten voortleven in de gewelddadige buurten van New York, Rio de Janeiro of Soweto.

Toon Theunissen | Dance & Choreography student | Shadow Animals

Don’t we all want to be normal? Don’t we all want to fit in? Not yet contaminated by socially constructed behaviour patterns, the perspective of a child confronts us in ‘Shadow Animals’ with the ridiculous uselessness of the normative codes we seem to be enslaved to. Through the eyes of the very captivating Marall, we experience how forced and alienated the grown up’s normal is.This clever and exciting film resonates with the struggle with and questions about the norm, which I believe is occupying myself and loads of other young people as we are trying to become responsible individuals in this society.