Cinedans FEST '22 Jury Members

During Cinedans FEST '22, we hand out awards to the winners of our International Short Film Competition and the Performance Relay & Camera Rework Competition. Cinedans, in partnership with dancescreen by IMZ, makes € 5.000,- available for the Best Short and € 2.000,- for the second prize of encouragement. The best Performance Relay & Camera Rework film will also be awarded a prize of € 2.000,-. In addition, the winners will receive a unique sculpture by Martijn Straatman from Studio Tinus.


Arild Erikstad began his career at NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation as Head of Music TV + Editor for music at NRK2. Today he is responsible for music co-productions within NRK. Besides that, he is a music producer, Vice President of the EBU Music Expert Group, Head of the Jury Golden Prague and President of the IMZ.


Gabri Christa, choreographer, filmmaker and curator, was born and raised in Curaçao and currently lives in New York. Her work investigates post-colonialism, personal stories, experimentalism, and common humanity. In NYC, at Barnard College – Columbia University, Gabri Christa is Associate Professor of Professional Practice, where she also teaches Screendance, composition, dance, directs the Movement Lab and is the Founding- Director - Curator of the social justice Screendance festival Moving Body- Moving Image.


Loránd János is the director of Choreoscope – Barcelona Dance Film Festival, and an Associate Professor of Dancefilm at IAB (Institute of Arts Barcelona). In 2019 and 2020 he presented the Choreoscope Case Study for the students of the Master in Event Management at the UPF Barcelona School of Management and is invited to represent IAB as a guest researcher in the Make A Move digital art incubator co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


With a broad background both in repertoire and business experience Erwin Stürzer has worked in the music and arts industry for 25 years. Before heading the Audiovisual Division at Naxos Music Group he was managing director at Arthaus Musik and at harmonia mundi. Amongst his fields of expertise are audiovisual and audio production, distribution, catalogue evaluation and business development.


Helen Westerik is a film historian and teacher. At Cultureel Persbureau she writes about film and performing arts. Currently, Helen is researching the body in arts.


After 2,5 years of insecurity and looking into the a un-bright future, the world is finally opening up again. We can enjoy the things we love in life again and so it is for all the people that work and perform in the cultural sector aswell. It brings joy to an artist to be seen by others, it gives an performance so much more meaning. When you project that light on stage the artists start to shine, they sparkle. With this feeling of being able to shine again, I started working on the Awards for Dancescreen 2022. The awards resemble movement and the expression of ones face while dancing. Two figures that move together to create one being. Every figure has a piece of stained glass, a material which has the property to adapt to the light. It acts the same way as when a dancer steps into the light, it changes. It gets brighter, it starts to glare and when the light hits it, it has the ability to project its beauty on its surroundings. Every award is unique like every artist is unique.


The “Tinus” in Studio Tinus comes from my childhood nickname, that stuck among my friends and family. During those early days I also spent some time in my grandfathers workshop, who was a master carpenter. This peaked my interest in craftmanship already from a young age. Later my grandfathers down-to-earth work ethic motivated me to open my own studio. My designs are straight forward and when an idea sparks, there is no compromise in executing it into a finished product. In doing so I want to lead the material into a direction where I think it should be. This goes from giving it time to develope the purpose of the material, to working on a motive where the design is instantly clear. Studio Tinus was founded in 2019, by me after I moved to Vienna in December 2018. I Graduated from Sint Lucas Boxtel in 2014 and in 2018 I graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. At the moment I am located in the house of Burggasse 98 in Vienna.