Down the VR Rabbit Hole

Days are passing by we are getting ready for the Opening Night at Cinedans FEST. Meanwhile, four creative teams – invited by Cinedans LAB and BeamLab – worked hard at A Lab to develop interesting proposals related to VR technology, body and movement.  

We asked them what they are working on and this is what they have been sharing with us.

Marjolein Vogels & Carlos Vasquez

Marjolein Vogels and Carlos Vasquez were inspired by sound loop machines where a sound is recorded live to be looped in creative patterns. They are trying to apply the same concept to dance: looping different choreographies and manipulating them into an immersive experience.

Sacha Polak

Sacha Polak is approaching the VRLab as a playground to try different ideas and to see what possibilities this exciting technology has to offer her. According to Sacha, the process of creating films is generally very structured: everybody knows what to do, and everything is planned beforehand. During VRLab, she is looking to create a loose structure that she navigates through inspiration. We are curious where this journey is going to lead her. 

Timo Geschwill

Timo Geschwill, on the other hand, is fascinated by understanding the limitations of his physical body, where one body ends and where the other starts. He is using this week as a way to confront his own physicality and perception with the VR technology.

Fabienne Vegt & Felix van Cleeff

Fabienne Vegt and Felix van Cleeff started their research with the feature film River of Time made by Felix a few years ago. It is a long cinematic poem, which was already generating a desire for immersiveness and became the starting point of a 360 VR movie. It’s not just an aesthetic space, where visitors can move through. They are adding more spaces into one space. You have the possibility to create your own journey, depending on where you look and which worlds you open up. All the material is taken from daily moments, but brought together will immerse you in a dream.

The VRLab is offering a great opportunity to these creatives to experiment with new technologies, different working aesthetics and to play around. A liberating experience where the structure is less bonding, where bodies float in a virtual space of liberation, where boundaries come short in a re-definition of self and limit. 

Experience the results on Saturday and Sunday in the basement of A Lab. Get your tickets here.

Film and editing: Lowel Caron & Titus Schutte

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