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Cinedans LAB is the education and research division of Cinedans. With our LAB activities, we support beginning and established makers to deepen the dance film as a genre and to stimulate it. With projects for various art schools, secondary and primary schools, Cinedans LAB introduces the youngest generations to this particular genre. The LAB has an eye for the latest technological developments: we support innovative projects and organize intensive workshops in the field of new technology in combination with dance.

At this year’s Cinedans FEST we’re presenting the following LAB activities:

VRLab Presentation 
in collaboration with BeamLab

Saturday // 15:00 – 16:00 + 17:00 – 18:00
Sunday // 15:00 – 16:00 + 17:00 – 18:00
at Playground in A Lab

Cinedans LAB follows the latest developments in the field of new media and innovative presentations in dance. Virtual Reality is a technique that makers like to experiment with. Intrigued by the physical component of VR, they design work that moves between film and performance.

How can VR be used in a meaningful way, and how does a work become an immersive experience? How does technology contribute to this experience? From 5 to 10 March, Cinedans organizes an intensive VRLab in collaboration with BeamSystems’ BeamLab. For a period of six days, three makers are given the opportunity to research the meaning and value of VR for the personal projects on the basis of their individual research questions. The Lab is open to the public during the festival. The participants will present their work-in-progress and test their findings on the uninhibited spectator. You’re invited to experience the results.

Monumentum – Vloeistof

One of the projects presented during the VRLab is:
MONUMENTUM – Vloeistof, 360-trilogy

A triptych, where every film show a couple of a different age – between 20 to 70 years – interacting. In quiet, slow movements, the two constantly try to relate to each other, to the light source and the immeasurable space around them. The placement of the camera and how the bodies interact with it create a distorted image of the body, offering viewers an alternative reality.

During Cinedans VRLab, the makers want to engage with other makers and the public about the new challenges and possibilities of this new film technique.

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Spatial Narratives – HKU Installations

all day
at Eye Arena

For the second time, Cinedans LAB collaborates with the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht department, Image and Media Technology (IMT). Second-year students use old and new techniques in an idiosyncratic way to create experiences that reflect on the body or encourage movement. The resulting interactive installations are being presented at the festival.

Credits: Zindzi Zwietering

Cinedans HUB

Saturday // 12:40 + 16:30 + 18:30
Sunday // 12:00 + 14:00 + 16:00
at Eye Garderobe

In the Cinedans HUB, we will be discussing current topics regarding dance film genre. Together with experts, makers and the public, we focus on trends and developments.
Topics include: Dance film as a growing genre: How do we identify its growth and how can the field support this development? What is the special communicative power of dance film and how can it be used to address social issues? Why do makers choose this specific genre? What motivates educational institutes to include dance and camera in their curriculum and what do students think about this?

See all talks and presentations in the Cinedans HUB.

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