Cinedans FEST ’21 – The Winners

Each year Cinedans awards the best international short dance films and the best student film at Cinedans FEST. Last night, the invited juries awarded three films and offered special mentions as well!

International Short Film Award

Winner Cinedans Jury Award | 1st Prize
Shadow Animals by Jerry Carlsson

Shadow Animals – Jerry Carlsson (Sweden)

“Shadow Animals has a strong script and uses minimal but essential body language which enhances the creepiness and mystery of the world the film opens. It keeps the dramatic tension maintained in a masterful way from the first second up to beyond 20 minute… and after the end the story was still in our mind.”

Winner Encouragement award | 2nd Prize
Regained Bathers by Ludivine Large-Bessette

Regained Bathers by Ludivine Large-Bessette (France)

“We want to encourage a director that created a wonderful visual and physical film that opened so honest and pure in a suspended atmosphere. It reflects how humans seek for social interaction but long to break free and be in charge.”

Honorable mention
Departures by Michael Fetter Nathansky

Departures by Michael Fetter Nathansky (Germany)

“This poetic flamenco film brings us to witness the event of interim state and manages as few other to integrate the amazing location into the narrative of a transition, beautifully and fluently.”

Cinedans Student Competition

Winner Cinedans Student Award
Abbiosis by Lucía García Paz

Abbiosis by Lucía García Paz (Spain)

“The film makes a visually beautiful and choreographically and cinematically strong narrative that speaks to our times. The jury appreciates the poetic journey the film takes us on. And, it appreciates how it portrays the body as multiple and entangled with the environment.”

Honorable mention
Siamoise by Hai-Wen Hsu

Siamoise by Hai-Wen Hsu (France

“The film is a unique poetic essay and meditation on the relationship between the body and consciousness. It brings a story so personal and yet so layered while simultaneously inviting the viewer to enter it from varied facets.”


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