Introducing Cinedans FEST

An introduction…

We all tell stories. Stories to live by, or to feel listened and recognised. We tell ourselves stories that save us, or stories that let us drown. Stories of bravery, of star-crossed love, or stories of failure. Stories that help in putting ourselves in the story of someone else, because empathy is first and foremost an act of imagination, a storyteller’s act. Occasionally, words fall short. So we move, we shake, we jump…we dance! Stories of dance are the stories we like to tell.

In a landscape of mediated realities technological advancements allow creators to share their experiences in different ways, to exercise empathy like never before. At Cinedans FEST we offer a platform for all these stories to be seen and heard.

A festival like no other in the Netherlands and in the world.

With a VRLab, installations, film screenings, panels and workshops, movement is shared and experienced from different perspectives. 

Dance films are an art form with a language of their own, always moving and exploring new technologies. Cinedans closely follows these movements.

This is Cinedans FEST

Following this year’s focus on Practice & Potential the festival showcases new dutch productions, high quality documentaries by some of the biggest contemporary choreographers, identifies new upcoming generation of dance filmmakers and brings attention to burning socio-political issues. Off-screen the festival presents the VRLab, hosts discussions at the Cinedans HUB and gives space to installation works by students of the HKU. 

Don’t miss out. Check our programme for more information.

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