Special programme at Cinedans HUB

During this year’s practice & potential edition of Cinedans FEST we invite our guests to join us at the Cinedans HUB in the wardrobe of Eye. On Saturday and Sunday, we will be discussing a wide range of current topics regarding the dance film genre. We invite experts, makers and you – the public – to talk about trends and developments in the genre.

The talks, presentations and panel discussions are free of charge. View the full schedule here.

Here’s what you can expect to find in the HUB:

On Documentary Movement

// Sat 9 March // 12:40

Filmmaker Kristina Daurova will present her research on a philosophy of bodily memory and how it unfolds into movement metaphors. How can I turn the text of a memory into a cinematographic language? How to frame it? How to film it? Which location would work best? The basis of this process is working with body and movement.
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On Social Engagement

// Sat 9 March // 16:30

Some dance films address issues that relate to society, through the body and movement. Inspired by the two screenings of URGENT: Social Shorts, we invite filmmakers to open up their views and methods of working. For this session, the audience is invited to reflect together on the present ways of how dance films are treating social issues and the impact of those in our surrounding.
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On Practice & Potential

// Sat 9 March // 18:30

With a panel of Dutch and international dance filmmakers we examine the practices present in the wider field. How are these makers developing their own voice and what are the remarkable moments of change in their trajectory so far? How do they look at the national and international scene? Where do they see potentiality and how can the field develop further?
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On Dance Documentaries

// Sun 10 March // 12:00

In this session, we invite makers of dance documentaries to discuss the urgencies and developments of the format and its subjects focus. What are the methodologies, strategies and questions arising when documentary and dance meet and what is the created effect?
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On Education

// Sun 10 March // 14:00

Dance Institutions, along with a variety of general and art schools are including dance film education in their curriculum. Through this session, we would like to examine the reasons, impact, outcomes and development of these educational programs, together with our invited guests. 
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On the Dance Field

// Sun 10 March // 16:00

In the last years, there is an increasing amount of choreographers who insist on making dance films, as adaptations of already existing materials or as original creations. Dutch dance production houses seem to encourage the production and/or showcases of dance films. What are the past and current needs, tendencies and future aspirations of the Dutch dance scene and its’ relation to dance film?
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