Cinedans HUB

In the Cinedans HUB, we will be discussing current topics regarding the dance film genre. Together with experts, makers and the public, we focus on trends and developments.

Topics include:
Dance film as a growing genre: How do we identify its growth and how can the field support this development? What is the special communicative power of dance film and how can it be used to address social issues? Why do makers choose this specific genre? What motivates educational institutes to include dance and camera in their curriculum and what do students think about this?

Additionally we will be launching Cinedans WEB at this year’s edition of the festival. During the festivities, our web editors Michael Screbo and Maxi Meissner will report on the festival activities in the Cinedans HUB in Eye, assisted by students from Artez, Fontys and IVKO.

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