Dance Heritage Unlocked: Kaïn en Abel

Kaïn & Abel
NL | 1961 | 22’

Ballet by Hans van Manen based on the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Staged as a Dutch West Side Story, the film reveals the fight between the two brothers, performed (among others) by Jaap Flier and Gérard Lemaître, over a woman, Hanny van Leeuwen. One of the first Dutch dance pieces created for, and with, the camera. With exceptional images of the city of Amsterdam.

Available till 19th of December 2021 00:00 CET

Choreography: Hans van Manen
Director: Joes Odufré
Camera: Pim Heytman
Production: VPRO
Music: Pim Jacobs, Giovanni Battista Martini
Company: Nederlands Dans Theater I
Dancers: Jaap Flier, Charles Czarny, Hanny van Leeuwen, Mabel Alter, Martinette Janmaat, Olga Dzialiner, Catherina Bottemanne, Martin Mollema, Han Ebbelaar, Hans Hylton.
Lighting: Joop Caboort
Costumes: Jean-Paul Vroom
Decor: Carel Willink, Jean-Paul Vroom

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