Dance Heritage Unlocked: Mouvement de la Hollande

Mouvement de la Hollande
NL | 1959 | 22’

The film addresses questions of youth, transition and the reconstruction of society after World War II. In the choreography by Rudi van Danzig, the dancers of Sonia Gaskell’s Nederlands Ballet, predecessor of NDT, explore particular aspects of Dutch culture, science and landscape. From fields of agriculture to industrial landscapes and modern art at the Museum Kröller-Müller. A turning point between the old and the new propelled by a less classical idiom of movement. 

Available till 19th of December 2021 00:00 CET

Choreography: Rudi van Dantzig
Director: Leen Timp
Camera: Pim Heytman, Wim Bosboom
Scenario: Pierre Janssen
Production: NTS
Music: Hendrik Andriessen, Pim Jacobs, Henk Badings, Alexander Voormolen, Alphons Diepenbrock
Company: Het Nederlands Ballet
Dancers: Jaap Flier, Milly Gramberg, Martinette Janmaat, Aart Verstegen, Hanny van Leeuwen, Willy de la Bye, Conrad van de Weetering, Marianne Westerdijk, Olga Dzialiner, Hans van der Togt (there seem to be no official credits, but these people I think I recognized)

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