Dance Heritage Unlocked: Silent Cries

Silent Cries
NL | 1987 | 13’

Ballet by Jiří Kylián, created for and danced by his muse Sabine Kupferberg, on the music of Claude Debussy Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (1894). From behind a smothered piece of glass, the movements of Kupferberg take us along an intimate examination of the nature of being: the endless search of self-recognition and acceptance. Originally made for the stage in 1986 for NDT 1, this special film adaptation of the piece works exceptionally well for on-screen viewing. The camera comes close, giving Kupferberg’s extraordinary performance a special power and casts a bright eye over the set design.

Available till 19th of December 2021 00:00 CET

Choreography: Jiři Kylián
Director: Hans Hülscher
Camera: unkown
Production: RM Arts, NOS
Music: Claude Debussy
Company: Nederlands Dans Theater I
Dancer: Sabine Kupferberg
Lighting: Joop Caboort
Costumes: Jiři Kylián
Decor: Jiři Kylián
Photography: Joris Jan Bos

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