DAY 1: The Great Ghosts

From 25th to 30th March, Cinedans presents a Cinedans WEB Special with a selection from the Cinedans FEST ’20 programme!
We open up our online celebration of dance films with the feature film The Great Ghosts by Yoann Bourgeois & Louise Narboni.
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When dancer, choreographer and acrobat Yoann Bourgeois was invited by the Center des Monuments Nationaux to create a performance for the Pantheon in Paris, he chose the fight against gravity as his leitmotif. “The Mechanics of History – an attempt to approach a point of suspension” became a dizzying performance that took place in the ridge of this historic dome.

The Great Ghosts is a cinematographic adaptation of this special project in a breathtaking setting. Balance and movement are the starting points for the choreography, with the famous Foucault Pendulum as the constant center. Bourgeois uses trampolines, a turntable and his famous “seesaw of frivolity”, with which he defies gravity and balances between beauty and fear. How far do the dancers dare to go while playing with Foucault’s Pendulum? And for how long?

The Great Ghosts
FR | 2019 | 53’
Directors: Yoann Bourgeois & Louise Narboni
Choreographer: Yoann Bourgeois

[ Available for exclusive viewing till 30th of March ’20 ]

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  • March 31, 2020

    Please, can you make. It available. For. A. Few hours more????? Please!!!!!!


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