Gioia – the Podcast

GIOIA is the newest creation by filmmaker Laura Stek. Her movie has been shown as part of our programme New Dutch 2 on 9 March.
In the process of finding ways to tel Gioia’s story, filmmaker Laura Stek has undergone different stages. The film GIOIA is the latest one, but previously she created a podcast, which we share here with you.

These are few words by Laura Stek on the podcast:

I first fell in love with Gioia’s voice. She has a very sharp and vivacious way of talking. So I first started to interview her for a podcast called ‘Het leven: een gebruiksaanwijzing’. In this podcast two people from different backgrounds are combined in one story. So to Gioia’s story I added the story of an ex-ballet soloist called Maria Bovet. They both tell about going very far, fysically and mentally. 

This was the first step. Later on, I realised Gioia’s story deserved more space. Since she loves dancing herself and thinks it’s a crucial expression, I worked on the idea of telling her story through dance. First, we created a live performance, but I still thought that this isn’t the best form yet. So now, there is this movie. I think you will be able to recognise the auditory origin of this project in the film, indeed the images came intuitively after what Gioia told me. And she was very willing to create them with me. So it’s really a co-creation. 

The podcast is in Dutch only. Listen to it here.

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