Filmmaker’s Statement

We asked Kati Kallio to share her motivations for making community art, especially with her trilogy that involves seniors. We invite you to take a moment and find out her reasons:

“My motivations in community artworks rise from the need to understand others and to encounter people. Sharing life experiences and finding a common goal for the artwork is the heart of my work. Collaboration with the dance artist Elli Isokoski from Myrskyryhmä has played a significant role in these films. Elli’s sensitive and respectful approach to working with the elderly has laid the foundation on which these films are based.

Film works well as a tool for inclusive art. Participants can be invited to participate in different stages of the film project. Through the film, participants can easily return to the project and remember what the process awakened in them. Film has the potential to reach large audiences and spread the voices of the participants. It makes the elderly in institutions as well as dance enthusiasts of all backgrounds visible.

I have always enjoyed the company of mature people. I feel that their life experiences enrich my own. It has also given my dance films a new fascinating perspective, as people involved in screenwriting and choreography often bring surprising themes to the process and the films become multi-colored and unique – like their creators.

I also think that people in their mature age should have the possibility to express themselves publicly and be visible in our society. And I wish that I would have the same opportunity when I’m in their age.”

Kati’s film “A Sight for Sore Eyes” was part of Cinedans FEST ’20 and is now part of the Cinedans WEB Special Programme. More info here

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