Mobile Choreography Tiade

In line with the spirit of the 19th century Schubertiade, Mobile Choreography Tiade is a non-hierarchical collaboration between seven artists from different disciplines. The artists had five days to experiment with Mobile Choreography principles and to create an outcome based on collective decision-making (from structuring the working day to content of the film).  

Formed by their disciplinary background, each artists designed an experiment to be executed and evaluated by the group. Other members had the freedom to modify the original proposal. Certain work principles are: everybody films, all films are one-takes shot in real-life situations and sounds, there may be tasks and scores but the filming itself is based on improvisation. This requires a heightened awareness of oneself in relation to other group members as well as the surrounding in which they film.

The Tiade presented at Cinedans consists of three of these experiments. Shapes has  a score, which is a drawing consisting of circles, triangles, and squares. The artists recreate the drawing by filming corresponding shapes in the environment in which they film. Each artist films a section of the complete drawing. Pattern finding is associative filming where everyone is simultaneously a leader and follower. One person starts filming an object or thing and the others react by filming something else, which they think is associative to the image filmed by the first person. Counting refers to finding a common rhythm among seven people.

Please note: Mobile Choreography Tiade is a work in progress. The corona virus intervened in their plan to collectively edit the film. They cannot gather, and the video files are too large to be transferred digitally. 

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