Introducing Cinedans WEB

Welcome to Cinedans WEB
The new platform of Cinedans, you never knew you wanted. 

Are you not able to make it to Cinedans FEST, but you still want to know what’s going on? Are you an avid fan of dance films and want to add an extra dimension to your experience? Or are you simply interested in gaining some additional background information about the festival and what we do? Then follow Cinedans WEB! 

During the festival Cinedans WEB will provide you with daily articles about the many activities happening on- and offscreen. Read our section ‘In focus’ to find out more about the filmmakers and the making-of their films, including special impressions from the set. In ‘Practice & Potential’ you dive deeper into our curatorial choices, filmmakers’ practices and future developments in the field, or see what our VR LAB is cooking up for you in the section ‘from the LAB’.

If you are at home, you don’t have to miss a thing. Follow our livestream directly from the Cinedans HUB where we host special presentations with distinguished professionals from the field, tackling issue such as film & society, documentary & dance film or developments in dance film production and education.

If you are at the festival, pass by the Cinedans HUB where you will find us, the editors of Cinedans WEB: tell us what you think of the programme or simply discover what’s the challenge of the day to win free tickets for a screening of your choice.

And don’t forget to follow Cinedans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can share all your snaps by using the hashtag #cinedans19

Stay tuned. On or Off Line.

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