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Welcome to Cinedans

The entry-call for the Cinedans FEST 2024 is open!

  • To submit a film you will need a Cinedans account. Please register here: Sign up for a new account 
  • If you already have an account then please sign in, and proceed to the entry submission page.
  • An entry fee is required, to enter a film for the Short Film Competition, so that Cinedans can process your entry and consider it for selection in one of the programs - please purchase your entry fee here.

You can submit your film in either three categories:

  • Short film competition 2024 (all films up to 25min)  - deadline 1st of October 2023 (€20,- entry fee)
  • Outside of competition 2024 (all films more than 25min) - deadline 1st of October 2023 (no entry fee)
  • Student competition 2025 - deadline 1st October 2024 (no entry fee)

  • Short films up to 25 min are eligible for the International Short Film Competition. Films longer than 25 min can only enter the Outside of Competition section. 
  • The International Short Film Competition is taking place in 2024 and the International Student Competition in 2025. Student films can already be submitted and the entry call will remain open till 1st of October 2024. 
  • For the professional short film competition we ask a small entry-fee of €20,-. All other categories are free of entry fees.
  • The outside of competition program includes features, documentaries (any length), performance relays, installations, Stereoscopic films, VR films and projects.
  • Dutch short films up to 25 min are automatically considered for the International Short Film Competition and the New Dutch section (Out of Competition).

The 20th edition of Cinedans FEST will take place 20-24 March 2024, at EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

Please read our Terms & conditions carefully.

Have a question about our submission process? Contact us at entry@cinedans.nl