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CINEDANS FEST '22: The Winners

Cinedans FEST ‘22  concluded with the announcement of the Cinedans Fest + dancescreen Audience Awards 2022 

 Audience Award 2022 for Best Live Performance Relay & Camera Rework:
Hofesh Shechter’s POLITICAL MOTHER: The Final Cut
directed / choreographed by Hofesh Shechter, Produced by Hofesh Shechter Company

 Audience Award 2022 for Best Documentary:
Why We Fight
directed by Mirjam Devriendt and Alain Platel

 Audience Award 2022 for Best Dance Short,
Mother Melancholia
directed / choreographed by Samantha Shay, Produced by Halla Tryggvadottir

 Encouragement Award 2022:
directed by Thomas Bos, choreographed by Erik Bos, produced by Sanne Cousijn

 Jury Award 2022 for Best Performance Relay & Camera Rework:
Memory Loss Inside
directed / choreographed by Ann van den Broek

 Jury Award 2022 for Best Dance Short:
directed by Oscar Sansom, choreographed by James Bonas + Sophie Laplane, produced by Beth Allan + Tony Currie

Congratulations to these amazing makers, huge thank you to everyone who came to our screenings and voted, and to our wonderful jury: Arild Erikstad, Erwin Sturzer, Gabri Christa, Helen Westerik and Lorand Janos.

Till next year! 



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Camila Arroyo’s “Soldaderas”


Korte dansfilms reizen van IJsland naar de bodem van de oceaan

Prachtige Landschappen en Grote Vraagstukken Op Cinedans Fest 2022

Dans Met Prachtige Natuurbeelden Op Cinedans


Filmkrant – Alain Platel en Mirjam Devriendt over 

De Groene Amsterdammer

Why We Fight – Chaos

Het Parool

Cinedans presenteert dwarsdoorsnede van Nederlandse danswereld


Cinedans, EYE Amsterdam

Film Still: Mother Melancholia by Samantha Shay


OPEN CALL for Students: Embodied Presence in Cinema

The Body is the Message, Embodied Presence in Cinema by dancemaker and interdisciplinary doctoral Karel Tuytschaever.

CINEDANS WEB SPECIAL: Inevitable Dances 16-18 December 2022

This special program draws attention to a number of films from the Middle East that choose dance as subject and form of expressing urgent matters.

Cinedans Fest'23: What this year brings...

We are delighted to announce what the next year and our upcoming festival edition will bring!!