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Dancing Dreams 

DE | 2010 | 92'   

24 MARCH | 17:00 - 18:35 | Cinema 2

Cinedans in collaboration with Goethe Institut presents Dancing Dreams.

In 2008, one year before her death, legendary choreographer Pina Bausch assembled 40 German teenagers for a unique staging of one of her most iconic dance works, the complex and intimate Kontakthof, created in 1978. In this fly-on-the-wall documentary, none of the teenagers had any previous training. Nonetheless, they show tremendous guts performing this intimate, sometimes excruciatingly raw piece. With energetic fighting and flirting the stage becomes a battlefield of the sexes.

This documentary is an account of the 10 months of rehearsal that proceeded the first performance at Tanztheater Wuppertal. It's a discreet yet revealing look at Pina’s methods and at a likeable group of dedicated young people.

Anyone who likes Pina will want to see it!

Supported by Marquee TV






Anne Linsel and Rainer Hoffman

Pina Bausch