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Dear friends and strangers, 

The 20th anniversary of Cinedans FEST comes with many celebrations and reminders of our love for dance, film and each other. In collaboration with artist Eli Eli, we initiate a process of making love letters. Eli Eli has a practice of writing letters to friends and strangers and creating chain events through which people’s expression of love and care entangle, generating new connections beyond the familiar. During the festival, audience members in the cinema receive handwritten love letters by elieli and a series of video letters will be also available here on our website and through qr codes. 
But we could not do this alone.. Join us to create more love letters in the Eye Arena, close to the restaurant, where we have a station full of materials for you to create a love letter for yourself, for dance film, or someone around the festival. We would love to be the couriers of your message.
Let’s make this special and let’s spread some love!

the Cinedans team

P.S. Eli Eil is a multidisciplinary artist and choreographer, whose film Through Magma is part of the International Short Film Competition and will be shown in the program Poetic Moves, 24 March 18:00-19:30 in Cinema 2.