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Jelena Kostić uses the power of choreography in dance, film and theatre. 

In a visually and physically powerful style, she tells true stories that deal deeply into the courage and fallibility of human beings. With every movement she creates, she questions our conceptions of success, happiness and fear.

Jelena Kostić zet de kracht van choreografie in voor dans, film en theater. In een visueel en fysiek krachtige stijl vertelt zij ware verhalen die diep ingaan op de moed en feilbaarheid van de mens. Met elke beweging die ze creëert, bevraagt ze onze opvattingen over succes, geluk en angst.

Emily Hsiang-Yun Huang is a researcher and visual artist from Taiwan. She completed her bachelor’s in philosophy at National Taiwan University and her master’s in Media studies at Leiden University. Her performance films usually derive from her poetry about the vulnerability of human existence, with a focus on the female body, post-colonial/in-between identity and circularity of time. Her works have been exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), Cinedance Festival at Eye Museum (Amsterdam), Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and Venice International Performance Art Week.

Emily Hsiang-Yun Huang is onderzoeker en beeldend kunstenaar uit Taiwan. Ze voltooide haar bachelor filosofie aan de National Taiwan University en haar master mediastudies aan de Universiteit Leiden. Haar performatieve films komen meestal voort uit haar poëzie over de kwetsbaarheid van het menselijk bestaan, met een focus op het vrouwelijk lichaam, postkoloniale/tussen identiteit en circulair tijdsverloop. Haar werk was te zien in Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), Cinedance Festival in Eye Museum (Amsterdam), Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade en Venice International Performance Art Week.

Loránd János studied film directing at the Bucharest Film Academy, as well as Photo-Video Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Since 2001 he lives in Barcelona and has directed several short dance films. In 2016 he publishes “Dance at 24 frames per second. Reflection and precursor of social changes". Loránd is an Associate Professor of Dancefilm at IAB (Institute of Arts Barcelona) and director of Choreoscope - Barcelona Dance Film Festival. 

Loránd János studeerde regie aan de filmacademie van Boekarest en foto/videokunst aan de Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Boekarest. Sinds 2001 woont hij in Barcelona en heeft hij verschillende korte dansfilms geregisseerd. In 2016 publiceert hij “Dance at 24 frames per second. Reflection and precursor of social changes". Loránd is Associate Professor Dancefilm aan het IAB (Institute of Arts Barcelona) en directeur van Choreoscope - Barcelona Dance Film Festival.


During Cinedans FEST '23, we hand out the Cinedans Jury Award for the best international student short. This award comes with a prize, a camera sponsored by Canon! Audience Awards will also be given to the most inspiring shorts and features in the different categories of our program. All visitors during the festival in Eye Filmmuseum will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite film!  

Our invited Jury will select the best international student short according to the following guidelines:


- Originality and evidence of authorship
- Content and meaning
- Originality of concept and clarity of script
- Synergy between dance and film
- Camera work and editing as a contribution to this synergy. - Quality of choreography and dance
- Role and meaning of sound
- Technical execution

All awards will be announced during the closing screening of the festival International Student Competition 2 & Awards, on Sunday 26th, 19:15 - 21:15, in Cinema 2.