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Moving Together 

US | 2022 | 62'   Dutch premiere

26 MARCH | 10:30 - 11:40 incl. Q&A | Cinema 2

What would life be without coming together in joy and creation? Moving Together explores and celebrates the collaborative relationship between music and dance, musicians and dancers, through three different lenses: Flamenco, Modern dance and New Orleans Second Line, the dance of African-Americans in the jazz parades and funerals of New Orleans. From each genre, we follow a musician and a dancer who work together for performances and classes. Through these parallel collaborations, there is an opportunity to experience the differences and similarities in the relationships and work processes of artists, and ultimately tap into the universal languages of dance and music.

Maggie M. Bailey’s feature documentary directorial debut is a celebratory love letter to music and dance that brims with kinetic life and energy, as well as encapsulates the power of communities. Bailey is an award-winning producer and director, who worked as a professional dancer before transitioning to filmmaking. Her documentary work investigates the cross between movement and camera, promotes sex positivity, and explores unheard voices and niche communities.





Maggie M. Bailey

United States