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Welcome to our online festival! 

Next to our festival at Eye Filmmuseum, we are showing an exclusive selection of films online, right here on cinedans.nl.
Get your single ticket or festival pass and watch films from March 24 - 31!

How to watch online? 

In order to experience the online festival, you will need to sign up for an account, sign in and then purchase credits that you can spend. 
Festival Pass bundle grants you access to all online programs and with a Single Program ticket you can watch one online program of your choice.

Go to our Festival Program, pick the program you want, push the Watch Online button and enjoy the films! 

The online program will unfold as the days go by. This means that during March 24 - 26, new programs will be added everyday. 
A countdown is in place until the moment of their release. You can also check the Timetable of the Online Festival. 
Once they become accessible, they will remain available till March 31st 23:59 CET.

Got any questions? Contact us at  info@cinedans.nl