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Cinedans FEST '21 is this weekend and we are very lucky with all the media attention for this online edition. Here we have summarized some of the great articles that are out to read online and the programmes and film they highlight!

NRC | Dance film as refuge for choreographers

'How to be a perfect human' by Maia Elisabeth Sørensen & Kristina Daurova

NRC goes into everything to do with Covid 19 and our Covid Times special. As NRC says: we couldn't escape the subject, and we are happy with all the artistic interpretations in this special programme.

Filmkrant | What makes a dance film?

ICK: Blasphemy Rhapsody

Filmkrant quoted Cinedans director Martine Dekker with her definition of what makes something a dance film: "It is essential that there is a cinematic plan, which in itself is a choreography. The added value of the genre is the creation of patterns and rhytmns."
Some special attention to ICK: Blasphemy Rhapsody which is a cinematic interpretation of the dance show by ICK Amsterdam.

De Groene Amsterdammer | Documentary portraits

Being Jérôme Bel

De Groene Amsterdammer gave some special attention to our two documentary premieres. Weizman: Before/After and Being Jérôme Bel. What happens in the minds of an artist who is creating? And how do you translate that in film?

Volkskrant | In Plain Sight & In case of revolution

'In case of revolution break glass' by 

Wafa’a Celine Halawi and Rémie Maksoud

Vokskrant has written a review on two of our international short competition contestants. The Iranian film by Tanin Torabi, In Plain Sight, a choreography in a public space where dancing is prohibited. And 'In case of revolution break glass' by Wafa’a Celine Halawi and Rémie Maksoud also filmed in public. This film is set in Lebanon during a protest and follows one girl through glass.

Parool | The use of Drones in dance film

'Departures' by Michael Fetter Nathansky

In Parool the focus was on filming techniques used in a selection of the programme. Fibonacci, Memories of the Future, Departures, Haex & Tango of Longing. The conclusion: drone shots can be very beautiful and although sometimes a cliché, industrial settings can be used effectively.

'Gaka' by Tomoko Mukaiyama

They also dedicated an article to the film Gaka by Tomoko Mukaiyama in our New Dutch Shorts. A film based on the theater performance GAKA and inspired by the Japanese kagura, a ritual in which the sun goddess is tempted to come out of her cave.

People of Theatre | Andreas Hannes on this years programme

Cinedans' artistic programmer Andreas Hannes was interviewed on Instagram for Insta Theatre News. They talk about dance film as an art form and about the diversity in the genre and this year's programme!
Watch the interview here

Theaterkrant | A new generation speaks out during Cinedans 2021 

'Ward 11' by Jessey Tsang

Fransien van der Putt gives an extensive review on this year's festival at Theaterkrant and dives into the cinematic approaches and themes that stood out in the different sections of the programme.

"In the online discussions during Cinedans, several audience members said that dance film is also an indirect alternative, when direct forms of (political) expression become impossible. ... All in all, an interesting edition, where a new generation is clearly making itself heard."

Film Still: Structure: Making Bolero by Seoljin Kim and Iwa