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Stages of a Theater 

NL | 2022 | 54'   

24 MARCH | 12:30 - 14:00 incl. Q&A | Cinema 2

The very first building ever built by Rem Koolhaas, today one of the world's most influential architects, was the Lucent Danstheater in The Hague. Completed in 1987, it was home to the Netherlands' most internationally renowned dance company: The Nederlands Dans Theater. Jiří Kyliàn, one of the world's leading choreographers, experienced his greatest successes as artistic director of the company and spent much of his professional life there. It also was the stage of many premieres by internationally respected choreographers, including Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot/Sol Leon, William Forsythe, Maurice Béjart, Martha Clarke, Robert Wilson, Ohad Naharin, Marco Goecke and many others. The rumour that Koolhaas did not design this iconic building for eternity is a misconception. Nevertheless, the demolition of the theatre started without significant opposition in 2015 and completed in March 2022. Interlaced with archival material, Jiří Kyliàn and Rem Koolhaas travel back in time and discuss the motives, design and highlights of the Lucent Danstheater. We see Sabine Kupfenberg, NDT's legendary dancer, on the remains of the building, once again speak out the opening speech of the time in a completely different light.

A film as a monument and an attempt to preserve an important period in history and an iconic building from oblivion. The screening includes an after talk with Jiří Kyliàn.





Hans Hulscher

The Netherlands