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Will you still love me tomorrow? 

IT | 2022 | 53'   Dutch premiere

25 MARCH | 16:45 - 17:45 | Cinema 2

“The dances will exist on this stage until at least one of you will keep watching, or at least one of us will keep performing”.

Will you still love me tomorrow? exposes the creative process of Folk-s, a performative and choreographic practice on tradition and time. Conceived in 2012 by Alessandro Sciarroni and performed for over a decade around the world. Original images of the research process and rehearsals, together with significant moments of reprises, reveal the development of the creation through time: from the conception of the idea to the staging, through the unfolding of the innumerable choices made for establishing the syntax of the work.

We follow the voices of the maker and the interpreters as they recount the journey, which began with a reflection on the popular phenomena of ancient folk dance that exist to this day, and in particular on the tradition of the Schuhplatter, a typical Bavarian and Tyrolean dance. The show strips the dances of the more exotic aspects and clichés linked to folklore, and reveals its mysterious and archetypal character.   






Matteo Maffesanti

Alessandro Sciarroni