Surprise Short: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Our Suprise Short for the day is a community film from Finland, by filmmaker Kati Kallio.

What we see or don’t is based on our subjective skills of receiving the view. Hilkka’s eyesight is worsening. Fortunately, she still has her imagination.

A Sight for Sore Eyes is the 1st part of the trilogy of films made with residents of Myllypuro comprehensive service center, during “The Dancing Hands” project in Helsinki, Finland 2018. The film is based on dance and chatting moments with Hilkka Ollikkala. It was produced by Myrskyryhmä, an innovative Finnish dance group working in the field of participatory and inclusive art. Myrskyryhmä’s mission is to promote the cultural rights of seniors as participators and audiences. Myrskyryhmä has been a forerunner of this groundbreaking work since 2002 and currently considered one of the leading experts in their field.

FI | 2018 | 2′
Director/Choreographer: Kati Kallio

Filmmaker’s Statement

We asked Kati Kallio to share her motivations for making community art, especially with her trilogy that involves seniors. We invite you to take a moment and find out her reasons:

“My motivations in community artworks rise from the need to understand others and to encounter people. Sharing life experiences and finding a common goal for the artwork is the heart of my work…

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