Surprise Short: Meta

The gesture of a hand, which holds the origin of language, becomes a dance, a transformation like that of a caterpillar. A woman crosses a passage and transcends her individuality, by joining the rhythm of the universe – the animated essence of earth, nature and woman. Meta is the winner of Coorpi’s La danza in 1 minuto 2019.

La Danza in 1 Minuto (2011 – 2019) is a national screendance contest, running VIII editions now. It is addressed to artists/authors (dancers, video-makers, directors, writers, musicians, sound designers, amateurs) willing to accept the challenge of creating innovative, courageous dance films with a strong cinematic impact.

Coorpi is a cultural non-profit organization based in Italy, gathering dancers, choreographers, teachers and professionals working in the dance field on different levels. Since 2011, Coorpi has focused on projects with a strong multimedia and interactive component, combining dance, video, social media and the development of interdisciplinary expressive formats to improve creative and physical narrative across the body, while relaunching screendance production and dissemination on a national scale.

IT | 2019 | 1’
Directors: Paola Lesina & Marco Rezoagli

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  • March 30, 2020

    Thank you so much for this gift! It’s precious!


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