Surprise Short: Mobile Choreography Tiade

We are concluding our surprise programme with the outcome of an innovative project!

Mobile Choreography is an innovative approach of filming from multiple perspectives and performing with smartphones. Instead of filming with one single camera, recording and playing of films happens simultaneously with multiple phones.
After various research stages and workshops, the initiators of PIPS:lab Keez Duyves and Mind Your Moves, Zeynep Gündüz present
Mobile Choreography Tiade*.

The following multi-disciplinary team explored the Mobile Choreography method for a whole week: Johan Rijpma (artist), Genevieve Murphy (componiser/performer), Orion Maxted (theatermaker), Robin Coops (musical theater/filmmaker), Marta Wörner (dancer/choreographer) en Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska (dancer/choreographer).

The artists had five days to experiment with Mobile Choreography principles and to create an outcome based on collective decision-making (from structuring the working day to content of the film).   Formed by their disciplinary background, each artists designed an experiment to be executed and evaluated by the group. Other members had the freedom to modify the original proposal. Certain work principles are: everybody films, all films are one-takes shot in real-life situations and sounds, there may be tasks and scores but the filming itself is based on improvisation.
Please note: Mobile Choreography Tiade is a work in progress.

*Tiade refers to a non-hierarchical get together of a group of like-minded participants with the common goal of exploring disciplinary boundaries. The term is derived from the Schuber tiades; salon-like gatherings where music and spoken word were performed with peers. There was one main figure – Schubert. He is removed from the term. The Tiade is what remains.

More information about the Mobile Choreography Tiade here

[ Available for exclusive viewing till the 30th of March ]

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