Cinedans FEST ’21 Trailer

Get a glimpse of the upcoming Cinedans FEST! A spectacular celebration of dance film on your screen!

Editing: Andreas Hannes
Music: Dj Streamer (Gary Shepherd)

Films in order of appearance: Choreography of Altruism by Mats Logen and Daniel Barkan | Downriver by Andrea Boll | Thank you Lord by Elle Sofe Sara | The Circadian Cycle by Gary Stewart | The Embrace of the Valkyries by Alan Lake | Abbiosis by Lucia Garcia Paz | The Only Thing You See Now by SeaPertls and Henry Wurtz | Dear tree, please don’t spill on our grave by Jonne Covers | Kota by Chris Martin & Larkin Poynton | Peach by Ennya Larmit and Sara de Greef | Akin by Stephan Cornelio Velema and Virgil Denzel Dey | Awake by Rumi Kaul, Janiro Ottens & Jinko Adams | Lazarus by Tuixen Benet | Departures by Michael Fetter Nathansky | Zombies by Baloji | Electric Swan by Konstantina Kotzamani | Weizman: Before/After by Willem Baptist and Guy Weizman | God’s Daughter Dances by Sungbin Byun | It starts with a (heart)beat by Mikki Sindhunata | Aloma & Mila by Tuixen Benet | Stick Together by Sergio Gridelli, Andrea Beugger and Dries van der Post | Inside/Outside by Carolina Romillo Marin and Claudia Iglesias Ungo | Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubáček and Marie Gourdain | Gaka by Tomoko Mukaiyama | Peau de Chagrin/Bleu de Nuit by Baloji

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