Film Catalogue

The Heart of a Tree
The Heart of a Tree Out of Competition

Clare Langan , 2020, IE, IS, 12 min

In a barren treeless landscape which could either be a future vision of earth or another planet, a group of people struggle through the inhospitable environment, harvesting air, the new gold. They plant trees on a deserted black beach, hoping to repopulate the planet with its source of oxygen. A contemplation on the importance of trees and a timely metaphor of a world turned upside down by our disregard for nature and the planet.

Terra Mater - Motherland
Terra Mater - Motherland Breaking the Chains and Out of Competition

Kantarama Gahigiri, 2023, CH, RW, 10 min

There she stands, confidently, like a goddess of technological junk, surrounded by endless mountains of rubbish, plastic, stench and rare earth minerals. An angry appeal to the world to take responsibility for the consequences of capitalism, colonialism and environmental destruction in Africa.

Puma Out of Competition

Jonangelo Molinari, 2023, BR, GB, 4 min

São Paulo-born Puma mixes the martial art of Capoeira with Vogue dancing and identifies parallels between the two movement styles through a shared philosophy built on resistance and rebellion.. Through her experiences as a black trans woman, Puma found in both art forms a sense of defiance – capoeira as a form of resistance from slavery, and voguing as a celebration of queer identities – each with their origins in the search for freedom.

Every Step Counts | Takano Yonen
Every Step Counts | Takano Yonen Out of Competition

Andreas Guzman, 2023, HK, 4 min

This short portrait takes an inside look at the artistic inspiration and motivations of Takano Yonen, a Japanese soloist member of the Hong Kong Ballet. As he dances through urban and natural surroundings, he meditates on the influence of his cultural background and his approach to the ritual and language of dance.

Burial of this Order
Burial of this Order Out of Competition

Jane Jin Kaisen, 2022, DK, KR, 25 min

In an arresting procession, a group of non-conforming people – from musicians, artists and poets to anti-military activists, environmentalists and diasporic, queer and trans people – carry a coffin through the ruins of an abandoned resort on Jeju island in South Korea. By performing a burial, they come together to undo a world order built upon hierarchy and division. By performing this ritual, time and place begin to lose their stability as mythical Dokkaebi deities pass through the building and heavy rain and wind blow through its cavities.

Atopias: The Homeless Wanderer
Atopias: The Homeless Wanderer Breaking the Chains

Daniela Yohannes & Julien Beramis, 2023, GP, 27 min

In Atopias: The Homeless Wanderer, a black woman embarks on a meditative journey through the wild Caribbean landscapes, confronting dreamlike memories and traumatic experiences. This exploration of migration, transgenerational memory and trauma reshapes her voyage, taking her deep into her subconscious, where she encounters her inner child and ventures into ancestral realms.

Holding Moses
Holding Moses Out of Competition

Rivkah Beth Medow, 2022, JP, US, 17 min

For Broadway performer Randi, birthing her son felt triumphant until the doctors explained that Moses was profoundly disabled and faced a tenuous future. Randi fell into a well of grief before unearthing a new language with which she could learn to love her son. The film illuminates the often invisible story of the caregiver and helps shift the shame narrative around the stunning challenges and surprising gifts that come with the birth of a child with a disability.

Wrestling Out of Competition

Grímur Hákonarson, 2007, IS, 20 min

Denni is a tunneller and Einar a farmer in the countryside of Iceland. They both practice wrestling but must keep their relationship a secret from the inner world of Iceland's national and very macho sport.

UNLEASH Out of Competition

Sean Wirz, 2020, CH, 7 min

Five perfect strangers meet in the middle of the night and break into an abandoned house. Are they occupiers? Vandals? Far from it! They are in need to free themselves from the shackles of everyday life. It is not a break-in, but a break-out! And so it begins. The five withdraw and start their individual ritual. Their lust can be felt, their power is contagious. No one can stop what has been unleashed.

Lake Skate
Lake Skate Out of Competition

Stefanie Olbort, David Brachmann, 2022, CH, 15 min

Four professional figure skaters, accustomed to gliding only on perfectly groomed artificial ice, return to the origin of ice; naturally frozen water. This experience of nature is central in the film and shows what we are gradually losing due to climate change.

Under the Sky of Fetishes
Under the Sky of Fetishes Breaking the Chains

Caroline Déodat, 2023, FR, MU, 17 min

Under the Sky of Fetishes responds to the complexity of colonial archives. It reinvents the specters of a haunting gaze to tell the story of Mauritian sega – a cultural practice born during colonization and slavery, now mainly seen in tourism. How do we project, literally bring out of ourselves, the narrative of the oppressor? Mixing fiction and ethnography, the film sanctifies the power of the projection as a mental as well as intimate enigma to release ghostly and alienated bodies, including our own.

Crni Tito - Blaq Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts
Crni Tito - Blaq Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts Breaking the Chains

Christian Guerematchi, 2022, GH, NL, 11 min

A figure of a black Tito appears in the big and empty underground structure of a former silo in Tamale, Ghana. He visits the people of the country by plane and rickshaw to spread his message and joins the Parliament of Ghosts in session. An artistic interaction between NAM – Non Aligned Movement by Christian Guerematchi and the Parliament of Ghosts by Ibrahim Mahama. Both works speak about forgotten histories and the contemporary echoes of the cultural connections from the time of the Non-Aligned Movement between Ghana and Yugoslavia – Nkrumah and Tito.

Kumina Queen
Kumina Queen Breaking the Chains

Nyasha Laing, 2022, JM, US, 57 min

In the wake of the loss of her mother, documentary filmmaker Nyasha Laing travels into the heart of the Jamaican countryside to research the ancestral ritual of Kumina. “Once you beat that drum, you have called the ancestors”, says Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy. Queenie was a contemporary priestess in post-colonial Jamaica, who catapulted her African spiritual practice into renown. Her mysterious world reveals a divergent pathway to freedom, healing, and transformation. Interwoven with Queenie’s life story are the personal journeys of a generation of cultural icons of Jamaican heritage who unearth their roots and examine their identities. Versed in dance, music and cosmology, they open up a portal to the past, as well as a glimpse into the future.

1,2 and their cigs (3,4)
Available online: 23/03/2024
1,2 and their cigs (3,4) Competition Shorts and Out of Competition

Laura Carnevali, 2023, IT, 1 min

We don't know what happened but dancer 1 and dancer 2 need to take a break, smoke a cigarette and just vent to each other. The conversation heats more and more until the movie itself becomes a dance following the words we can't hear. Winner of La Danza in 1 minuto, presented in collaboration with Coorpi Turin.

Gimp Gait
Gimp Gait Out of Competition

Pioneer Winter, Tabatha Mudra, 2016, US, 5 min

Gimp Gait is a solo for two – surrogates to one another. It includes an exploration of the subjects' private and public lives and how the perspective of the viewer may attempt to control or shape who they are. The title of the film discloses its origin: 'gimp', a slur meant to mark a weak or handicapped person and 'gait', the manner or style of a person's walk. Can you notice every part of their bodies – both the similarities and differences?

D3C05 Out of Competition

Blaze Gonzalez, Hannah Gaengler, 2021, US, 4 min

D3C05 is a sci-fi love letter to Miami’s Art Deco architecture. The film takes the idea of optimistic futurism and reimagines the concept within a neo-human world, where the boundaries between human, nature, and object coalesce; a world where synesthetic communication and performative rituals reign.

HOW TO: Oh, look at me
HOW TO: Oh, look at me Out of Competition

GeoVanna Gonzalez, 2021, US, 12 min

HOW TO: Oh, look at me features four femmes of color. Two dancers and two poets interact with one another through words and movement, seeking reprieve from the constructs of our current reality. Revolving around a deconstructed playground, an installation designed by director and multidisciplinary artist GeoVanna Gonzalez.

When We Are Born
When We Are Born Out of Competition

Mathieu ‘Moon’ Saura, Ólafur Arnalds, 2021, IS, 25 min

A collaboration between Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds and filmmaker Vincent Moon, When We Are Born is a journey about rituals, relationships and our inner landscapes. Filmed in Iceland in the summer of 2020 and based partly on Ólafur’s life, the work ultimately focuses on how we all move forward; a theme made especially potent in the times of disconnection and isolation it emerged from. The music of the film was recorded live on location and interpreted by choreographer Erna Ómarsdóttir and the Iceland Dance Company.

Kankantri Breaking the Chains

Gabri Christa, 2024, NL, SR, US, 25 min

A woman enters a Synagogue and is transported to the parallel universe of all her ancestors who do not let her leave until she participates in their dances and rituals. The film is inspired by Gabri Christa’s first time visiting the Neve Shalom in 2000 where she was overwhelmed by the building and the emotions it brought to her. It spurred her into researching her Surinamese father’s lineage, which revealed that she had indeed also Jewish ancestors. As the famous Surinamese writer Cynthia McCleod says “when you shake your family trees, a few Jews fall out”.

Q5: The Quintessentials
Q5: The Quintessentials Out of Competition

Sarada Sarita, 2024, NL, 70 min

Q5 is inspired by the energy, feeling and expressiveness of Waacking; also known as Whacking or Punking. A dance form that emerged in the 1970s as an expression of oppression in the Latin and African-American LGBTQI+ underground clubs of Los Angeles. Through the sounds and movement language of Waacking, the 5 performers in the film dive into the 5th dimension. They explore different colors, portals, perspectives and worlds within worlds. All in search of the essence: The Quintessentials! The original theater performance and tour of '21 was canceled due to Covid and transformed into a 5-episode Waacking movie series that festively closes Cinedans FEST '24!