Film Catalogue

Dipped in Black
Dipped in Black Out of Competition

Matthew Thorne, Derik Lynch, 2022, AU, 25 min

When memories from his childhood come to the surface, Derik Lynch, a Yankunytjatjara man, escapes white city life in Adelaide to return back home to his remote Anangu Community (Aputula) to perform on sacred Inma ground. Inma is a traditional form of visual, verbal, and physical storytelling. It is how the Anangu have been passing down stories connected to the land, dreams and myths for over 60,000+ years from generation to generation.

If I Can’t Dance
Available online: 21/03/2024
If I Can’t Dance Out of Competition

Dorothy CHEUNG, 2022, HK, 17 min

She faces endless rehabilitation; her body keeps recalling the injury; she wishes to appease, yet she fell……Three dancers who have confronted injuries filled the visual with strain on the body. The film ponders how to co-exist with the trauma and keep going after one’s world falls apart.

Mountains, Seas, Panorama
Mountains, Seas, Panorama Out of Competition

Wilfred Wong, 2023, HK, 35 min

Based on the legendary Chinese folktale Kua-fu Chases the Sun in the scripture of Mountain and Sea from 4th century BC. As in the legend, the film, employing the language of dance, tells the wondrous story of a modern man on a daring quest to chase the sun. When the enigmatic creatures depicted in the book begin to infiltrate his dreams, he suspects that he has crossed paths with them.

This is A Chicken Coop
Available online: 21/03/2024
This is A Chicken Coop Out of Competition

Er Gao, 2016, CN, 17 min

With the China’s reform and opening up which began in 1979, it became big differences among areas’ economic development level. The population migration occurred with accelerated urbanization process, like birds. The cognition of hometown and native place has changed qualitatively. As the impact of modern technology on chicken in chicken coop, no one could escape. They are all domesticated. City is like a modern chicken coop, and people are like the domesticated chicken. Imagining human beings returning to an original state and conventional rules ae no longer apply. Imagining human beings are objectified and the next dominating species have a completely different social system - what would the world be like? Whenever we observe and approach other creatures, they are observing and approaching us at the same time.

Available online: 21/03/2024
Three Out of Competition

NAOTO Iina, 2022, JP, 17 min

Three performers, Kawamura Mikiko, Kawaguchi Takao and Matsuoka Dai, studied three pieces of choreography by Butoh legends – Ohno Kazuo, Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Yoshito to replicate their works not by imitation but responded to the spirit of Butoh in contemporary ways.

Flying Low
Flying Low Out of Competition

Freya Björg Olafson, 2011, CA, 2 min

Created with virtual bodies found online, Flying Low is part of Freya Björg Olafson’s ‘Keystroke Choreographies’ series. Each of the videos in the series are compositional studies that use popular contemporary dance techniques as a framework for virtual choreography. Flying Low is a movement technique developed by David Zambrano that focuses on the dancers’ relationship with the floor. Movement patterns involving breath, speed, and release are used to activate the relationship between a dancer’s core and joints, as they move into and away from the ground with efficiency.

Being Being
Available online: 23/03/2024
Being Being Out of Competition

Alexander Ekman, 2023, SE, 6 min

A minimalist dance film by Alexander Ekman, Being Being follows a man through a series of expressive motions, portraying the ups and downs of existence. Navigating between moments of strength and vulnerability, the performer reflects the resilience inherent in the human spirit.

Table for One, Please
Table for One, Please Out of Competition

Samantha Shay, 2024, DE, GB, 14 min

Table for One, Please is a short film that emerges from rehearsals for the dance theater piece I Should Have a Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say by director Samantha Shay. Exploring the social awkwardness of grief, and inspired by the writing of Anton Chekhov, the project gathers current and former artists of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, as well as the Grotowski Institute-based physical theater company Teatr ZAR, as a reflection on the lineages of Polish Jerzy Grotowski and German Pina Bausch, their relationship and how their work resonates today.

A Drifting Up
Available online: 23/03/2024
A Drifting Up Out of Competition

Jacob Lee, 2022, GB, 10 min

It takes 6 weeks to come off antidepressants. A man tries to dance his way through it, armed only with a boombox and a sign inviting people to join him. From over 100 hours of footage shot on the streets of Bristol and London, this film documents a journey from isolation to connection.

Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF Out of Competition

Katharina Mückstein, 2023, AT, 96 min

Feminism for beginners – and for everyone else who needs to shake up their habitual thinking! A lively discussion club of a film that tests the many theories in practice through social experiments and performative interventions. Feminism WTF reflects on current debates and analyzes the potential of intersectional feminism to profoundly change our future societies. In the film speakers from different disciplines, from biology and linguistics to political and educational sciences, as well as dance artists, contribute to a comprehensive picture on gender equality in our society. Experts such as sociologist Laura Wiesböck, gender scientist Maisha Auma, political scientist Nikita Dhawa, men's researcher Christoph May, sexologist Rona Torenz, and sociologist Paula Villa Braslavsky have their say.

Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance
Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance Out of Competition

Khadifa Wong, 2020, US, 94 min

Follow the fascinating evolution of jazz dance from its origins in Africa, through to its modern-day interpretations which reveal the political and social influences affecting the dance form today. Through this celebration of the art form, with special appearances from industry stars such as Debbie Allen, George Faison, Chita Rivera, Camille A. Brown and Thomas F. DeFrantz, a spellbinding story of triumph over adversity, oppression, and privilege is uncovered.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life Out of Competition

Meg Stuart, 2023, AT, DE, 24 min

In her new video work, choreographer Meg Stuart explores the Vorklinik, a modernist building erected in 1971-76 for the University of Graz’s medical faculty, that has meanwhile been demolished, as it was considered too dysfunctional for further use. Together with two dancers, Stuart attempts to mark this brutal transition through a sensorial processing of the building’s vast, empty spaces. Like the modernist project, the attempt to fit their bodies into the architecture of the Vorklinik is slated to fail. With tenderness and sensuality, they connect past and future, dream and decay.

Obsessed with Light
Obsessed with Light Out of Competition

Sabine Krayenbühl, Zeva Oelbaum, 2023, US, 90 min

Obsessed with Light is not a bio-pic of pioneer Loïe Fuller, but rather an insightful examination of the artistry and incredible impact her work still has on contemporary culture, including artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taylor Swift and Shakira. The American creator of modern dance, Fuller (1862-1928), created a completely new kind of spectacle which combined dance, fabric and movement. She propelled herself into swirling abstractions which made audiences gasp and she immediately understood the importance of copyright and protecting the ownership of innovations. Creating a dialogue between the past and the present, artists such as Robert Wilson, Bill T. Jones, Iris van Herpen, William Kentridge, Trajal Harrell and Studio Drift speak about her influence in their own work. ​

A Revolution of Love
A Revolution of Love Out of Competition

Weyni Mengesha + Lucius Dechausay, 2020, CA, 5 min

A young black woman grapples with the histories of her ancestors and the present-day violence ravaging her community. She begins to imagine what her future looks like through dance.

Q5: The Quintessentials | The Purple Episode
Available online: 20/03/2024
Q5: The Quintessentials | The Purple Episode Out of Competition

Sarada Sarita, 2024, NL, 24 min

Q5 is inspired by the energy, feeling and expressiveness of Waacking; also known as Whacking or Punking. A dance form that emerged in the 1970s as an expression of oppression in the Latin and African-American LGBTQI+ underground clubs of Los Angeles. Through the sounds and movement language of Waacking, the 5 performers in the film dive into the 5th dimension. They explore different colors, portals, perspectives and worlds within worlds. All in search of the essence: The Quintessentials! The original theater performance and tour of '21 was canceled due to Covid and transformed into a 5-episode Waacking movie series that festively closes Cinedans FEST '24!

The Purple Episode is the last episode of the series and includes a Theater Scene and the Beyond The Whack - Behind the scenes content, as well as the performers' Mission Statement and the last historical chapter, exploring what is the essence, and how can we preserve and protect that to take to our future dream visions for the dance, culture, community & BEYOND!?

Never Look At The Sun
Never Look At The Sun Breaking the Chains

Baloji , 2019, FR, 5 min

Using his trademark assemblage of esoteric costume and visual metaphors, Congolese-Belgian hitmaker and filmmaker Baloji explores the practice of skin lightening in black communities. Euphemistically described as ‘brightening’ or ‘toning’, skin bleaching takes many innocuous forms, such as creams, buffs and soaps to deal with hyperpigmentation, but is more often used by women to emulate Eurocentric beauty standards.

Tajabone Breaking the Chains

Raphael Chatelain & Nicolas Huchard, 2021, FR, 4 min

This is what freedom feels like, baby.” The uncompromising words of musician and writer Mykki Blanco echo over a transcendental parade of a group of empowered queer dancers. A film about the French black queer community taking pride in who they are, what they have achieved, and embracing the bodies they are in. Tajabone takes its name from a unique tradition in Senegal, where in addition to singing and dancing through the streets everyone practices cross dressing through the night.

We Need Prayers: This One Went to Market
We Need Prayers: This One Went to Market Breaking the Chains

Jim Chuchu, The Nest Collective, 2017, KE, 5 min

How far are you willing to go for your hustle? A young Kenyan visual artist comes up with a sly plan to take over the art world abroad. Will it work? This One Went to Market is part of the mini-series by The Nest Collective, in partnership with Forum Syd, dedicated to the city of Nairobi and its citizens – trying to live to see another day, to get that cash, to get home, to get a job.

Ria Higler | 50 years SNDO
Ria Higler | 50 years SNDO Out of Competition

SNDO | Cinedans, 2024, NL, 50 min

To celebrate half a century of SNDO - School for New Dance Development of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, as a laboratory for dance and performance, a trajectory of public events is unfolding from January 2024 and on. Cinedans proudly joins with the co-production and presentation of a documentary honoring Ria Higler’s legacy. Ria Higler can be considered a 'mother-spirit' of SNDO. A graduate of the first student cohort of Moderne Dans Opleiding, as SNDO was called back in 1976, she transitioned into teaching in 1980. From 1989 to 1998, she served as the co-director of the school alongside Trude Cone, continuing as a core team member, mentor, and teacher until April 2024, when she passed away. Drawing from Higler’s personal archive, which includes hours of footage from her travels in India and Indonesia, as well as recordings of her performances and interviews with those who worked and studied alongside her, this documentary aims to activate the archive and ensure her teachings, spirit and legacy remain visible and accessible for further generations. The film serves as a visual ode celebrating the life and work of one of SNDO's longest-standing and profoundly impactful educators.

downriver Out of Competition

Andrea Boll, 2020, CH, min

A group of people emerges from the water. They try to work against the current of the river and the crowd of people in the city, but surrender to the flow and are washed ashore. Going with the flow or against it, resistance and devotion manifest as a basic instinct. A strategy of survival.