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MOVING MEDIA LAB 2023 - 2025

The Moving Media LAB is an initiative of Cinedans in collaboration with Nederlandse Dansdagen, Korzo, DansBrabant, Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam, VRDays and Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Moving Media LAB explores the possibilities of dance, body and movement within the arts, design practice and science. Together we investigate how these different fields can become more connected and related to technological innovation. The main objective of the project is to bring about innovation and interdisciplinary creative working practices; Research, experimentation, knowledge sharing, and broadening networks are keywords of the project.

The Trajectory!
Video edited by Steven Elbers, with used content from the selected makers practises. 

14 creatives were chosen for the trajectory out of 120 applicants! 

The selected makers are all based in the Netherlands from diverse creative backgrounds and with a strong interest in actively learning and creating with other disciplines alongside innovative technology. During Moving Media Lab’s trajectory, the makers will be divided into temporary collectives, where they can share their interests and practise to pursue a shared research project, The Moving Media Lab offers: Productional budget, Labs, Workshops and Masterclasses, Presentation possibilities and Coaching from experts in the field.

Meet The Makers!

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Bregje Benecke

Bregje Benecke studied Audiovisual Media at the Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht and Art History at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, currently she is based in Rotterdam. The borderland where these two worlds, ‘film and art’ meet, is her great fascination. This is reflected in her practice, in which she captures wonder about the subjectivity of reality in audiovisual form experiments. Film and visual art also came together in her position at International Film Festival Rotterdam (2016-2022). She worked on installations, exhibitions and performances that explore, question and stretch the boundaries of what film is. She also curated the Immersive and VR projects. She is currently working on the short film ‘Loud Apparitions’ in which she brings together the nineteenth-century optical illusion Pepper's Ghost and the phenomenon of human echolocation in an abandoned theatre auditorium.

Steven Elbers is an audiovisual designer with a strong connection to human interest stories. Based in Amsterdam, he works as an independent filmmaker both shooting and editing all his projects. His artistic practice focuses on independent art projects rooted in movement and dance, while he supplements his income with commercial assignments. 

Combining a strong technical background with an artistic director's eye, he is a sought-after collaborator by indie- and documentary filmmakers, choreographers and dancers working with moving images. As a first generation Dutch citizen from Surinamese descent, Steven is especially interested in making sure that ‘minorities’ are represented honestly and fairly, and not stereotyped. In a world dominated by big studios and production companies, Elbers has been exploring small-scale adventures and finding new ways to show the talent of people by combining forces in front and behind the camera. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Rotterdam University's Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts and Design. Elbers loves to share his knowledge with upcoming talent and has facilitated successful masterclasses & workshops to students as an alumni and together with Filmhuis Den Haag. To find and guide new makers with a sharp eye for movement to express themselves through film makes him sparkle.

Abel Enklaar is an Utrecht based, In-disciplinary artist, educator, and editor-in chief at the VPRO Medialab. In their practice they are looking for ways to use new media in the arts. Integrating new technological tools in the practice of storytelling. Searching for new forms in which high and low-tech enter into dialogue with each other and thereby relate it to the body. Abel often works with 3d scans, motion capture, animation, virtual and augmented reality, interactive light and sound, or robotics. Always looking beyond the awe of implementation to get a better understanding of the ways new technologies impact our behaviour and relationship with the world. Over the past 5 years, Abel has presented work at, among others, Ars Electronica, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Tate Britain, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and the International Symposium for Electronic Arts. They are a lecturer Immersive Media and Mixed Reality, at the University of the Arts London and a researcher and senior lecturer at the Artist Educator in Theatre and Media department at ArtEZ university of the Arts.

Thibaud Henique works as a digital designer/artist based in Eindhoven, focusing on moving images and specifically 3d created moving images. His personal research revolves around the topic of ‘The Aesthetic of Violence’ how the enhancing of images can lead to different forms of violence whether it is on social media or in movies, the importance lies in crafting beautiful images to tell a story within those images. Thibaud works with 3d softwares such as Unreal Engine, for live and filmic performances and for its connection with the physical world with motion capture suits and face tracking technology. His main goal is ‘How to link the physical realm to the digital one to discover an interesting output’. Aside from his personal practice he created a company with two colleagues called ‘ZNT Design Studio’ to develop a practice on 3d projects such as music videos, live events, art rendering etc.

Rens Hoofs, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rotterdam. In his practice he merges spatial and experiential design, dance, poetry, photography and film with the making/construction process. 

Hoofs has a background in architecture and design, obtaining the bachelor degree Bouwkunde with distinction cum laude at the University of Technology Delft and partially at the University of Melbourne. Currently he is in the process of graduating for the master in Architecture at the University of Technology Delft. In between his studies he gained experience in the profession of architecture as an intern and junior architect.  

For 16 years Rens Hoofs was a competing gymnast. After quitting gymnastics, he entered the dance and circus/acrobatics scene. Currently he is part of a creative dance collective called THE PULSĖ, providing movement experiences with attention to collectiveness, connection and emotion through movement.

Ildikó Horváth is an Amsterdam based artist whose experimental installations examine the fluid relationship between the physical and the virtual realms, with an emphasised awareness of physical matter and its transformations. Addressing the conflicting duality of stability and temporality, she works with ceramics and other tactile materials that constantly change over time, in combination with sound and digital media, performance and audience interaction. 

Since her graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2019, Ildikó has presented her works on various platforms throughout the Netherlands, including Cinekid Medialab in the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week and Uncloud Festival in Utrecht. Besides the presentations, she is further looking for a wide range of interactions through project collaborations and residencies, such as Steim Foundation and AADK Spain. At the same time, she is doing material research and teaching ceramics in her studio in Amsterdam.

Rawan Khater is a Lebanese architect and designer based in Eindhoven, whose work lies in the intersection of societal challenges, politics, human rights, space and sound. With a profound  passion for innovation and immersive experiences, she uses diverse forms of technology to  transform abstract concepts into tangible realities. With a particular interest in human behaviours,  Rawan’s aim is to engage with people, using senses and the body as a centrepiece to effectively  communicate her message. Her deep interest in human rights violations and exposing hidden  systems that affect societal behaviours, drive her to conduct investigative research, culminating in  immersive experiences that blend sound, visuals and storytelling, immersing the human  experience at the core of her designs. Her aim is to push boundaries in the realm of architecture  and design, and continue to research topics related to social justice and human behaviour.

Australian made and now based in Groningen. Graduating from Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-professional program in 2013, Olympia became an Associate Artist with Sydney Dance Company until 2015. Following this, she travelled for the next two years to Mexico City and San Sebastian, Spain, to work with the Metamorphosis Dance Collective under the direction of Iratxe Ansa. Throughout these years she came to perform in places such as the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, San Telmo in San Sebastian, as well as a performer in Campania by Night in the Scavi di Pompeii, Italy. Back in Australia in 2016, she performed a season with Strut Perth, performing Ohad Naharin’s Decadance. Relocating to Groningen began after being accepted into Club Guy and Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club for the Season of 2017/18. In 2019 Olympia was a part of Club Guy and Roni’s international and regional tour of ‘Mechanical Ecstasy’ as well as becoming a member of ShELFISH Productions in Groningen under the artistic direction of Veerle Van Overloop. Olympia has freelanced across the Netherlands within interdisciplinary companies such as NITE in Groningen; Frysian theatre company Tryater; Lunatics and Poets; Maison the Faux and MAAS Theatre Rotterdam. With an interest in virtuosic communication through movement and other realms of arts and societies, currently in 2023 Olympia remains an artistic leader of ShELFISH Productions and freelancers across Europe as a dancer, maker and dramaturg, continuously seeking connection, innovation, research, and performance along her artistic trajectory.

Ennya Larmit is a filmmaker and video designer, based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Since 2018 she works for Nederlands Dans Theater as a videographer.  Ennya studied audiovisual design at art academy St. Joost in Breda. Ever  since her studies she has been fascinated by the combination of  dance and film, and so has created several short dance films  which she directed, filmed and edited.  This year she has been artistically developing herself in creating video  designs for choreographies on stage, creating animations and  writing for theatre and for film.

Cerian Mason is a firm believer in the soft power of creativity to bring about positive change. Her installation works aim to trigger fresh fascination with recognizable narratives, often within the natural world and conversations around social justice. With a background in Time Based Design from art academy Minerva, Cerian finds her place between these dialogues through structural builds, projected works and creative lighting. Currently she is based in Utrecht working across the Netherlands and Europe.

Soyun Park (KR/NL) is a Den Haag based; artist, designer, educator, and founder of a community-based studio for bonding technology, RGBdog. She investigates the relationship between humans and technology — from the very individual level — body movement, relationships, and way of living to architecture, communities, and politics. She has exhibited and performed at Rewire Festival, Nederland Fotomuseum, Ars Electronica, CTM Festival, and Jeonju International Film Festival.

Albert Rask, originally from Copenhagen, is a mixed media artist currently based in Amsterdam. He grew up making short films starring his family members and film is still at heart in his practice together with other media in motion such as sound and kinetic sculptures. He has been active in politics and part of starting the art collective Angarde in Copenhagen before he moved to Amsterdam where he graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2023. His works often reflect on dialogue, investigate what “life” is according to society, biology, and religion, and question the invention of the two categories “right” and “wrong”. Beside filmmaking and music composition, he is inventing and designing musical instruments and kinetic sculptures with the aim of creating non-human performers, interactive installations, and stage defining props for dance, film, and theater. His greatest wish is to construct the undefined as a question to the defined everyday.

Maria Sartzetaki is a choreographer, movement facilitator, and artistic researcher from Greece, based in Rotterdam. She completed her Bachelor's in choreography at the Fontys  Dance Academy in 2018 and her Master's in Artistic Research at the University of  Amsterdam in 2022. She is currently making her own, independent works within the Dutch  dance field and teaching within both professional and amateur art institutions. She has been  part of the Rotterdam artist community Time Window since 2021. In 2023, she started her  own foundation, called LIMB (Liminal Imaginative Moving Body).

Josse is a choreographer and digital artist based in Tilburg. Central to his work is the experience of the body as a complex space with many different layers and recesses. He embraces this space as a vibrant psychosomatic world and investigates its relation to the fast-changing conditions of contemporary and digital living. Josse sees embodiment as something that doesn't just happen within the confines of one's skin. He investigates how motivations and movements live between multiple beings. How drives and ideas exist in a shared way, beyond the individual. How thoughts get shaped in living interactions. By focusing on the relation of the body and new media technologies new forms of theatricality emerge; Josse (re)images their relation, narrative function and potential for poetry.

Cinedans FEST’24!

From the 20th - 24th of March 2024, Cinedans will celebrate its 20th anniversary at Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and Online, showcasing the most exciting dance films of this year!

As part of CinedansFEST, the Moving Media LAB will take over the Playground of A Lab (directly opposite Eye Filmmuseum).

1. Moving Media Lab explores the notion of Sound 

For two days the selected makers from MML will take part in a ‘Sound and Transmitting an experience’ Workshop led by Martine Huvenne. The focus of this workshop is to put sound into the forefront when developing a project, and how human movement/choreography comes into play for sound designers and composers. Through using collaborative approaches the makers will explore how they can think through movement, with sound. 

For the general public;, Larry Sider will give a lecture on the structure of a soundtrack, how it operates, and what the audience perceives. 

2. An Intensive LAB for the makers and presentation for audiences.

The selected makers will have the opportunity to test out their ongoing research questions and collaborations, with coaching from experts in the field, and state of the art equipment. The doors will be open for Cinedans audience members to come by and experience the LAB on the 24th of March and see the outcomes from the week.

Cinedans | Gedempt Hamerkanaal 205, 1021 KP, Amsterdam | info@cinedans.nl