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In 2023, Cinedans initiated  Moving Media Lab, in collaboration with Dans Brabant, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam,  Nederlandse Dansdagen, Korzo, and VRDays Immersive Tech Week. The Moving Media Lab is a place for creatives within the arts, design and science, who have an interest in the relationship between new technologies, movement/dance, and the body. The ambition being to bring about innovation and interdisciplinary creative working practises through focusing on research, experimentation, knowledge sharing and broadening networks.

The Selected Makers are:  Bregje Benecke, Léa Cadieux, Steven Elbers, Abel Enklaar, Thibaud Henique, Rens Hoofs, Ildikó Horváth, Rawan Khater, Olympia Kotopoulos, Ennya Larmit, Cerian Mason, Soyun Park, Albert Rask, Maria Sartzetaki and Josse Vessies.

14 makers based in the Netherlands were selected for the Lab, out of an astonishing 120 applications! The selected makers come from diverse disciplines, including sound, sculpture, film, dance, architecture, technology and more…

Contrary to prevailing trends, the focus of the Lab is on collective processes, rather than individual practices. Precisely for this reason, inspired by the concept of affinity groups, the makers through dialogue and discussion, formed 3 non-hierarchical groups: ‘temporary collectives’. These collectives are characterised by diversity in expertise and skills, and brought together by their burning questions, interests and ideas.

During the course of 2023 - 2025  The Moving Media Lab offers, 

- A starting package for each group of 20,000 Euros (Including artist fee and productional budget.) 

- Labs, Workshops and Masterclasses

- Presentation possibilities 

- Coaching from experts in the field.