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Every year, our Specials spread light on significant perspectives. Following this year’s theme of heritage and legacies, we follow Jiří Kyliàn and Rem Koolhaas travel back in time for the iconic, yet demolished, Lucent Danstheater of NDT in Stages of aTheater by Hans Hulscher, and come together for  a dialogue on the process of archiving of Dutch legacies.
We proudly present the premiere of Romance by Samantha Shay, a film that centres around Tanztheater Wuppertal's first transgender dancer and her relation to Pina Bausch’s repertoire, in an intergenerational dialogue between past, present and future. 

And don’t miss out on the adventurous program of New Circus, in collaboration with TENT.

Please note that the online festival includes only the film Even When I Fall.from the Specials.